Thursday, February 26, 2015

My New Favorite Shirt Pattern.

My new favorite shirt pattern is Simplicity 1544. It is a long-sleeve pattern with a separate button placket.  I like shirts with this type of placket because it pops out and makes the shirt look dressy.  I made no adjustments for length, which I usually add 2 inches to most patterns.  This shirt is more casual though, not form fitting, but not too loose.  It looks good tucked or untucked.

I made this shirt with a polyester blend material I had in my stash.  The only change from the pattern I made was short-sleeves.  I don't wear long-sleeves too often.  I started with a 10" sleeve, and once I had the shirt wearable, I cut the sleeves to the length I thought looked good.

This is the second Simplicity pattern I have used that that instructs the burrito method for finishing the yoke.  This is such an easy way and gives a professional look.

I used my Wilson Rotary to make this shirt.  I also used my white buttonholer.  This machine being straight-stitch only makes impeccable stitches.  Plus it is smooth and quiet for being some 70 years old.  The buttonholer made beautiful buttonholes.

Speaking of buttons,  I purchase several colors of buttons from  A gross of buttons for $2.45 is quite a bargain.

I used a piece of burgundy fabric for the collar stand.

First time I used a pattern with this button-tab on back.  Plus, no darts on the back.

 The right length for tucking-in also.

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  1. Very nice shirt. I like the contrast neck band a lot. I used to make my husband some shirts but stopped as not much sewing time as he is a standard fit and I'm not and also had 3 daughters to sew for.Thanks for the tip about the buttons. I have a lot of men's shirt buttons from a long closed shirt factory but would really like some of the blue and white ones you have pictured. Most of mine are dark browns and navy.I really should make him some shirts again as the rtw never has the two pockets he likes and the fabrics are getting worse all the time.

  2. One question on the buttons. I see some listed as collar and some as sleeve buttons. Which ones are the standard placket size? I have a lot of the button down collar type so don't want to order those. I want the larger ones. Would a sleeve button be the same as a shirt front button ? Which type did you order for your shirts?

  3. I found the button size chart on there by clicking around. I would still be interested in the size you ordered for the shirts.

    1. I ordered size 18. They are called 1/2", but I measure 7/16". I guess because 1/2" buttonhole?

  4. Thank you. That is what I will order as well. This is a new site for me and looks to have good prices. There are several colors not in my button stash and I think I could use this size on my own shirts also. Great find.