Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Sort-Of Jacket

This project and my last project will be great when it cools a little.  Right now we are having record highs in the mid 70s in California.

I ordered some blizzard-fleece from Joann's at a bargain price.  I thought I would wait to use it, but decided I had a pattern and the time, so no time like the present.

Butterick 5773 is called a jacket, but it is more like a sweater with a zipper.  Can I call it a Swacket?  It is supposed to be very-easy.  Mine took some thought to match up the plaid. Also, I thought flaps on the chest pockets, hand-pockets, and a finished fly-facing would make a better finished product.  I also did my usual lengthening of two inches to the body and the arms.

I like how thick and luxurious this fleece is.  I made some pajamas from other Joann's fleece and the fleece was not this thick.  So this blizzard fleece is the choice for outerwear.  It doesn't ravel, but I serged the seams for a RTW look.

To match up the plaid, I used almost all three yards for a two yard project.

Max supervising the cutting

I like the way it turned out.  It actually was nice to have in the early morning.

I made lined pockets to put my hands in.

View from back.

I folded the zipper-facing and stitched. Then I tacked it in the pocket stitching to the front.  The pattern didn't mention how to finish it, so I did it my way.

I am glad I made this Swacket.  I am sure to use it a a lot.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Nice job on the plaid-matching and the swacket looks great on you! Max sure is a taskmaster, isn't he?

  2. Your pockets are a big improvement to the pattern. It came out great.

  3. Nice work. I myself love this sort of thing to wear for a layering piece at home and for walking my dogs and try finding one made up. My dh is a big fan of two pockets and they are also not easy to find out there. I too think the pockets were a nice addition to this.