Friday, January 9, 2015

Vogue 8719 pants Second Edition, Conclusion

My Vogue 8719 pants are all finished.  I have warn them several times already.  They are comfortable and I like the new front pockets so much better.  I did a little decorative stitching with my Singer 6268.  I thought it would give the pants a little extra something.

In Conclusion, I like Vogue 8719.  I like it even better with the front pockets I added.

Here is my photo shoot in a Made-By-Me outfit.  My Vogue 8719 pants, jacket, and a Simplicity 7330 shirt made by me two years ago.  (How time flys!)

I am already starting my next project.  This will be some pajamas made with Simplicity 2317. I am using a baby-blue fleece and dark-blue piping.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Gorgeous! Really love what you've done with the back pockets.

  2. You look great. The fit of the seat is excellent and I like your stitching choice -- it makes the pants a lot more distinctive. The logo is a nice touch. :)

  3. These came out really nice. The way you changed the pockets in the front give these pants a western look : ) and the top stitching makes them really unique

  4. Nice that you have a pants pattern fitted that you like wearing. These came out well. I had to wonder when I saw the decorative stitching if you should just topstitch them but the decorative stitching looks nice as do the initials. The fleece and piping pjs sound wonderful .I am always so thankful I sew when I lounge around in pjs I make. In fact I love wearing everything I sew , can't say that about all the rtw I own. Nice work on your outfit and I know you will really enjoy wearing it.

  5. It came out amazing great work!