Saturday, January 3, 2015

Vogue 8719 Pants Second Edition, Part One

When I made my wearable muslin pants from Vogue 8719 a few months ago I was happy with most everything except the front pockets.  These were side-seam pockets that would not lay flat no matter what I tried until I removed the darts from the back to loosen up the fit.  This took the tension off the pockets so they would lay flat, but left me with pants needing a belt to stay on.

Now I am making these pants with a different style pocket I copied from a vintage Kwik Sew 411 pants pattern I had in my stash.  Not only do I think these new pockets will look better, they are bigger.  I can easily carry more things.

I purchased the fabric at the thrift store a while ago.  I think it is a lightweight wool/polyester blend that is perfect for a pair of slacks.  I am using size 36. Which is a 30" waist . Vogue uses suit sizing with this pattern.  These pants fit perfectly, except for me adding 4" to the length.  Also I made the jacket a few months ago,  the sizing was right-on for this also, except for arm and body length.  My chest measures 35".  So might be snug on a true 36.

Ready to cut out

Kwik-Sew pockets.  I satin-stitched opening for a different look. 

Inside look at pockets.  I am going to serge the edges.

Zipper installation inside.  I finished the ends, unlike the original pattern instructions. 

Back pockets in progress.  I stitched a Greek key design around the edges.
 I couldn't wait to try these pants on.  I think they look great with the extra stitching to make the pockets pop out..
Try on with no waistband

Another view no waistband
 Here are photos of my wearable muslin.  I wear these pants often.
My wearable muslin (notice front pockets)

Front view wearable muslin

Now for the band and the finishing touches.

Thanks for stopping.

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