Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pajama top

I decided to make a pajama top with some polar-fleece I bought from Joann a month ago at a very good price.  I used Simplicity 2317 in small to make the top. This pattern is interesting because it uses piping for trim.

I serged the seams with my Pfaff 794 after sewing with my Vikng 980.  I stitched the serged edges down to give it a smooth professional look.

This is a good pattern.  I added two inches to the sleeves, and no other adjustments.  Since I have a long torso I realize how long this top would be on most people without subtracting two or so inches from the body.

I like how the top fits and looks.  I decided to make the bottoms.  However, they will be from a polar-fleece print.  That will be in  my next blog.

Kohl's pajamas

My pajama top

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  1. That is one good looking pajama top. I was expecting ho-hum because, well, pajamas aren't exciting. But this top looks so nice I'm afraid I'd be tempted to wear it out rather than keep it for pajamas. Looks really nice.

  2. Very nice pajama top! That looks like a good pattern to add to the pattern stash at the next sale. I haven't used piping in a long time. It really gives a great look to the things it is used on.

  3. Nice job. The fit looks great. I have to admit I've been know to wear a pajama top as a regular shirt before : )

  4. This is totally awesome. I love the piping.

  5. When I was really young, I tried to wear pajamas to school under my clothes. My mom saw them peeking out and I got a spanking in between taking off said pajamas and putting on my underwear and school clothes. Anyway, this is a great top -- love the colors! That pattern has some nice variations.