Sunday, April 27, 2014

My "Fun Shirt"

Embroidery and embellishment are fun.  I embroidered some napkins a while ago, and decided an embroidered  shirt would be fun to make and wear.  Silly me,  I was going to use a Vogue pattern for this shirt, but it simply disappeared.  I don't know what I did with it.  Luckily, I had a McCalls 6613 in my stash.  This would be the perfect pattern for this shirt.  A little more "fitted" than my old stand by pattern.  Actually this worked out well because I can compare shirts made from the same fabric with McCalls patterns nearly 70 years different in age.

If you remember, I made a shirt from a 1945 McCalls pattern # 5863 back in September.  I like this shirt, and wear it on a regular basis.

The 6613 has a collar stand and a separate button placket.  So just a little more time to put together than the 5863 which has a notched collar and an attached button placket.  This pattern is from 2012.

First, I cut the fabric out and embroidered the pieces before sewing together.


Left Sleeve

Right Sleeve

My Singer 6268 from 1985 did the embroidery and the fancy stitching on the button plackets.
Singer 6268 with Embroidery Attachment
I sewed the shirt together and did some fancy stitching on the collar and stand with my Bernina 707 Minimatic.  This is a 3/4 size Bernina with just a few stitch selections.  I like the slow/fast speed selection.  The slow speed  helped when edge stitching.
Bernina 707

My Viking 980 was used to sew the buttonholes and buttons.  It also wrote "thinman sewing" on the sleeve.

And finally, the finished product:

This shirt fits well. It is the first shirt I have made with one middle pleat in back, instead of two pleats.  The only thing I did not like about this shirt is the instructions.  I put it together my own way.  I did put interfacing on both parts of the collar stand.  It makes the collar stand up nice.  I don't remember where I read this tip, but I will certainly use it from now on.

I wore the shirt wine-tasting yesterday.  It was a big hit.  Coincidentally there was a Duck Race happening in town, so some people thought I made it for that event because of the ducks on the back.

I call this my "Fun Shirt" because I had fun embroidering, using different machines, and this is the shirt to wear when doing fun things.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Lovely and original shirt Wil...I'm sure everyone in town was jealous thinking you had 3 ducks entering the race just by looking at your back yoke.

  2. A fun shirt to wear and show off. !!! Real sexyl looking, especially on you :)