Monday, April 14, 2014

Embroidery Fun

I haven't used my embroidery machines for a while and I had the need to use them.  I embroidered some Dollar Store napkins with my Singer 6268 and a kitchen towel with my Memory Craft 200.  I like the Singer for its simplistic designs.  Being it was made around 1985, it was very advanced then.  The Memory Craft is great for getting free designs from  That is where I found the design I used on the towel.

Singer 6268 with embroidery attachment

Janome Memory Craft 200

Flowers by Singer 6268

Picnic basket by Memory Craft 200

Then I really had the need to embroider some more.  So I decided to make what will be the subject of my next blog, my "fun shirt".

Thanks for stopping.  


  1. Looking forward to your "fun shirt" full of embroideries :)

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  3. I have the same obsession as you do, and the same machines . I started when I began making things for my baby granddaughter, and haven't stopped since. Thank you for the idea of heat and bond. I haven't used that yet, but will definitely try.

  4. hm.. I am reached here by searching for calibration details of embroidery machines ... think it is right place for it and this site should be an encyclopedia for the embroidery business.

  5. I never knew that it depended on the number of stitches one got. I just assumed that it was so much per image that was placed on the garment. Guess you learn something new each day.