Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quick Project !?

Joe found some beautiful wool-blend material at the thrift store.  I thought I would make a shirt for him in no time at all while I was perfecting my new coat in my mind.

Have you ever had one of those 5 minute projects that take forever?  This has been one of them.

I decided to use my favorite shirt pattern, Simplicity 7330 with short sleeves and a collar stand.  There was just enough material for a short sleeve.   Joe doesn't get cold easily, therefore a wool-blend short-sleeve shirt should work well for him

Once I started putting the pattern together, I realized I had cut the back into two pieces.  I haven't made this mistake since the first shirt I made.  I seamed the back pieces together.
Center Seam in Back. Horizontal is a wrinkle. 
Well, then when I was flat-felling the side-seams, somehow I ended up with a lumpy mess.  So I took out my serger and serged the arms and side seams.  Cutting off the mess and sewing it up in one action.  Another mess repaired.
Serged Seams
Then when I was putting the rolled-hem on, somehow I ripped a small hole in the fabric.  Good thing the shirt had extra length.  I cut the whole seam off and redid it.  No more hole.

The buttons were reused from an old ripped shirt.   I am glad I didn't have any problems with the buttonholes,  because they are impossible to repair.  My Kenmore 100 stitch sewed the buttonholes.  I think it did an excellent job.
Kenmore Buttonhole

Oh, I forgot to mention I sewed this shirt with my new to me Kenmore 100 Stitch.  All I can say is Wow!  I LIKE this machine.  Of course, I used my Bernina 731 for the rolled hems, and my Pfaff 794 Serger.

Kenmore 100, Serger, and Bernina 

One thing about learning to sew on your own, a person has to fix their mistakes without any guidance. This is called the "School of hard knocks".

The shirt turned out quite well even with my repaired goofs.  Joe thinks it is a beautiful shirt.  It is good for work and play.
Play Joe

Work Joe

Hunting Joe?

And of Course, I used my Singer 6268 to make the label.  I have a few machines that write, but I still like the font of the Singer.

Now for the coat project to begin.  I am actually go to do a muslin.  I have never done this before.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. A comfortable shirt for all occasions to wear, tucked in, or hanging loose. Showing it off everwhere we go, and everyone is amazed at the fine craftsmanship that went into this. Another fine project by ThinMansewing

  2. Funnily I bought yesterday some plaid fabric as I also had a shirt in mind. You did a great job and at least, it brings some originality to the back! The school of hard knocks was a really good expression to use, I relate to that! Glad Joe likes it - Work Joe looks dangerous though! :)

  3. I lived in California all my life. But for some reason people think I am from the Midwest. It is my accent and use of certain phrases. When I studied French, the instructor said my southern accent really came out when speaking French. Just some trivia.... Funny that Work Joe looks scarier than Hunting Joe!

    1. In the hunting one he looks happy and friendly, but in the work one he looks kinda grumpy (I know he's just concentrating, but still) and the shadows on his face as well.

      It is a lovely shirt, though. :-)

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't see the different facial expressions. Gave me a giggle reading your thoughts.