Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Time for a New Coat

I have been reading Peter's and David's blogs about the coats they made.  I think they are truly exquisite.

I am going to make a coat for myself.  However, not as complex as the coats they made.  Since my winter coat has been taking care of me for 29 years, and I think there are 29 years more left in it,  I thought I would try to make a similar coat.  Yes, you read correctly.  My trusty winter coat has been my companion since high school.
My Winter Coat 

I found Vogue 8842.  It is actually for more of a rain coat.  It can be made with or without a hood.

Vogue 8842
I am going to make the version without the hood, substitute welt pockets for the boxy pockets, cuffs, use a wool/polyester-blend outer, and a polyester lining.

I know, quite a departure for me, not following the pattern exactly.  However,  I read two reviews of this coat, both were favorable.  The one did some tweaking, a lot more than I want to do and ended up with a beautiful coat.  See cameraman-jacket . Since I have my old friend as inspiration and a model, I think I will be able to do it.

I ordered some closeout fabric and lining from fabric.com at a great price.  When I go to Joann's this week, I'll see if I can find the 30" separating zipper necessary.

Lining and Fabric
That is it for now.

Thanks for stopping.  

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  1. Exciting project Wil, I look forward to your updates on this pattern!