Monday, June 24, 2013

Mod Shorts Part 6 and Finalé

I finished my Mod Shorts after a few roadblocks. Like the pattern size being off a little and my choice of size to use was off a little.  That made for 4 1/2"  too large of waist for me.  So I ripped the seams, cut down and made  the correct size for me.

Then I wanted to serge the leg seams.  But a needle broke just as I started.  I had to wait to get some more needles from my house.   Oh, did I mention Joe and I have been living with my parents since February due to my Dad's health and also we have such terrible neighbors it was making our health worse.  We have a bid in on a house we both love.  So hopefully it will work out.  My Mom and Dad enjoy us being here, but it is nice to be in your own place.

After  the setbacks, I ended up with what I think will be great shorts for playing tourist or doing fun things like wine tasting.  If I golfed I think I would look like a pro!

Modeled with a ThinManSewing Shirt

 Yes, there are pockets front and back.  The stripes lined up nicely, so they are almost hidden.  Plus this pattern called for a tuck-line down the center front.  It doesn't show in the photos, however it gives a nice touch in person.

Rear Pocket close-up


Serged Seam
I like this pattern. As long as I remember to choose a size smaller than I normally wear.  I didn't put the pocket flaps on the rear pockets.  I think if I made slacks I would try the flaps for an upscale look.

I would highly recommend this pattern.  Simplicity 1948.

My next project is going to be shorts for Joe with this pattern.  But with lightweight blue denim.

I might even use my new sewing machine.  Blog to come.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Those look great and the length is perfect on you. Nice job!

  2. Helping Dad, bad neighbors, bid on a new house and sewing away from home. Whew! That's a load to carry. I'll be hoping that your father gets well; neighbors go on vacation, the bid on the new house gets accepted and Joe's denim shorts turn out well. Good luck to you.

  3. Great shorts! I love the fabric and the fit looks spot on. I've seen Simplicity 1948 in the pattern books and on line before and always thought it looked appealing - something to do with the modal wearing the "classic" version? You may have inspired a future project for me!
    Happy sewing!

  4. Thin man sewing, making and modelling the shorts in real life, is a lot better than the model shown in print on the pattern. Shorts look great!!

  5. Great job! And I am glad you figured out what went wrong with the waist sizing.