Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mod Shorts Part 5

This should have been the finish of the Mod Shorts.  I tried them on without the waistband and thought they fit fine.  Of course I guess when I was holding them on by my hand I couldn't tell how big they were.

I went ahead and started putting on the waistband and decided to try them on again.  I am sure glad I did.  They were 4 1/2" to big.

The reviews online mentioned this pattern ran large, so I measured the pattern before I started cutting material.  How I ended up with such big shorts, I don't kwow.  Was it operator error of the measuring tape?

So not quite fnished yet.  I ripped out the threads I had the waistband attached with.  Also the topstitching up the legs.  Then I took them in. 

I am now back to where I started today, just 4 1/2" smaller.  I still need to finish attaching the waistband.  Then finish up the shorts.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Does the waistband have notches on it? I am working on a jeans pattern and I realized my waistband was wrong when I saw the notches for center front didn't line up... That could tell you whether it is your mistake or the pattern sizing.

    1. I think the pattern ran 2" big and I used a size that was 2" to big. So the blame goes 50/50.

  2. Did you check the finished garment measurements on the pattern to compare the waist measurement to your own?

    Sorry to you had to rip stitches but the shorts are looking good.

    1. I wear a 28" in most clothes and sometimes as high as a 30" waist on others. So to be safe I used a size 36 which according to the pattern back is a 30" waist. Thinking I could always cut down. That is easier than adding.