Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mod Shorts Part 4

I worked on the Mod shorts today.

I made the back pockets with the help of a template I made by using lightweight cardboard form a 12-pack cola box.  All I did is take the pattern as reference and cut the cardboard to the pattern, then 5/8" off all the way around to make it the appropriate size of the finished pocket.

I ironed the pocket material to fit the template. And voila! Matching pockets.  The pattern called for buttoned flaps for the pockets.  I decided to leave them off.

Once I sewed on the rear pockets, I sewed the back parts of the shorts together.  Then sewed the insides of the legs of front and back together, then the outsides.

Now the shorts are looking like shorts.  I still need to put on the waistband, but I tried them on to see how they are coming along.

I am quite pleased.  The rear pockets and yoke seem to be the appropriate proportions.


 Except for the zipper instructions, the instructions have been clear and easy

Time for my little Bel Air Bantam and I to take a rest.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Hi Thin man
    The shorts are looking GOOD. I am admiring your stripe matching skills. Looking forward to seeing the finished shorts.


  2. Great pattern match on the pockets. Don't take too long a rest; we want to see the finished results.