Sunday, January 6, 2013

Singer 15 Clones

I would like to thank The Bobbin Doctor and Peter Lappin for educating me about Singer 15 clones.
Yes, my newly acquired Bel Air Imperial is a Singer 15 clone.  Once I knew this piece of information, the google searches brought up an endless amount of information on the clones.
I found quite a bit of information at Sew-Classic Blog.    It is very informative,  plus you can download a Singer 15 clone manual there.
It seems they were all made in the same factories in Japan, but the name printed on them was up to what American store or company ordered them.  As you can see in the following pictures.
Star Machine

Standard Machine

Sears Commander Machine
My Bel Air Imperial

The Real Singer 15 Machine
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  1. I have a Rockford sewing machine that looks a lot like this. I wonder if it too is a 15 clone. Hmmmm....