Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue Simplicity Shirt Finale

The blue 7330 Simplicity shirt is now finished.  I think it turned out well. It is the first time I used a bed sheet to make a shirt.  I am sure to do it again in the future.

I put french seams and I serged the armholes.  Next shirt I might try to put french seams in the armholes.  

A little peek at my new purchase.  I am not sure all the vintage sewing machine addicts will approve,  but I like it.
Thanks for stopping.


  1. because your fabric is so dark and i have a cataract in my strong eye, i can't really appreciate the detail of your shirt but it looks great on you! keep up the good work and let us know about the armhole seams.

  2. I can see the details of your shirt and it looks great. For a dress shirt, I'll use french seams throughout. But for a casual shirt, I'll serge the edges. My only suggestion would be darker buttons. But, you've got the fit and tailoring down. Lane

  3. It looks like a nice shirt and being from a sheet will probably last forever. I discovered this from having a wearable muslin that outlived the project from the real material. I like that you repurpose things in sewing and that you have an interest in vintage machines both interests I have though I do have modern machines in the mix. I take it you have another machine to reveal here. I like having the modern machine features at times as well as the wonderful vintage straight stitchers depending on what I am working on. So I am sort of in both camps of the everlasting vintage model people and the not so long lasting many featured models. Thankfully we only have to please ourselves in the sewing machines we wag home. As for the shirt I put on my collar stands the same and I always serge the armhole area and if it is a work shirt topstitch it down for extra strength. Dh's work shirts get washed a lot and he tears them up long before the armholes have any issues so I probably will always do them that way. I have flatfelled them but really don't have an issue with the serging in that area. Keep up the good work with the menswear sewing.

  4. Awesome shirt!!!
    Just like the one Mike Brady wore.

  5. Great looking shirt!
    I agree with Quiltfool - darker buttons. You can find navy blue buttons at JoAnn Fabrics.