Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another pants saga begins

I purchased some khaki colored material that will be great to make some pants with.  I bought it at the local thrift store. Only $4 for three yards of material  and 25 cents for the zipper , I won't be too upset if they don't turn out.  I decided to use Simplicity pattern 4760 since it has some decent reviews on pattern review.

When I made the Vogue 8801 jeans, there was not a review on them.  So, I wasn't sure if my problems with them were exactly that, my problems.  But now that there is a review of them on pattern review, I feel better because that reviewer had the same difficulties I did.

These will be a cargo style, so should be fun to make and wear.

Thanks for stopping.

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  1. Good Luck and can't wait to see the finished product:) Cheers Mike