Friday, August 3, 2012

Button, Button. Who has the button?

Do you remember at the end when they are in the elevator and Willy Wonka says "Button, Button.  Who has the button"?  That is my favorite line from Willy Wonka. I use that line all the time when looking for a light switch or a button on a piece of machinery.  Now, I am using it in regards to my new pants.

I have been working on my Simplicity 4760 cargo pants.  I decided to sew them with my vintage Kenmore.  Everything has been going fine until I started on the button.  The button is sewed into the fly and backwards to what I would think.   So, the button will not show when the pants are on, because the button will be turned inwards towards your stomach.  Anyone have some input?

In the reviews and pictures, no one shows the button or talks about it.  Most talk about the fly.  The fly seems straight forward.  It is that button that is bothering me.  Well, I guess I'll keep going and if the button is not correct, I will try to put one in another place at the end.

Fly open, showing button hole.

Looks like pants.

The pockets are next, according to the instructions.

Thanks for stopping.

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  1. That looks like a version of a buttonhole tab, that's generally an extension of the fly facing in more traditional mens trousers. The button itself would normally go on the bottom of the waistband; you can put it where the buttonhole lands -- it might be on the left side of the front fly.