Monday, May 7, 2012

Vintage sewing machines have landed

The day didn't start out with me planning to come home with a vintage sewing machine.  However, when at my parent's home, I asked about Grandma's Singer 99-13 that has been sitting idle since she passed away in 1993.  It ended up in the back of the truck.  Then I stopped at the thrift store and there was a fabulous Kenmore sewing desk, chair, and sewing machine for the unbelievable price of $18.50.  Of course, it was quickly in the truck next to Grandma's Singer.  So now two vintage machines our at my command.

I had been looking for a fold-able sewing table, so I could get my Brother machine off the kitchen table.  I thought a vintage sewing table would not only be well made, but a lot cheaper than buying a new one or building one.  So I have been looking for a vintage table I could adapt to work for me.  This one will work great.  I am going to just set the Brother on top to use it.  My first thoughts were to take the Kenmore out, but after finding out what a honey it is, I decided I'l sew with it.  I threaded it and started sewing perfectly in minutes. It came complete with buttonholer, many presser feet, cams for decorative stitches, owner's manual, and sewing reference books from the same era.(1958)  It will need a new belt before long, but I think that is it.

When I get a belt for Grandma's Singer I'll be able to sew with it.  It is from the late thirties.  It has one straight stitch, no reverse.  Since Grandma was such a great seamstress, it will be great to use her machine to imagine the challenges she faced with such a simple machine while she was sewing for seven children.

Now for the unveiling....
Kenmore 158.352 complete with all pictured
Kenmore closed

More storage under chair

Grandma's Singer

Singer with all accessories

Marion H. Decker(Grandma)
Now with tears in my eyes, I guess I should call it a night.  Good night Grandma.
You are greatly missed.

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