Monday, May 14, 2012

McCall's 6286 top

Did you ever have a project that did not turn out the way you hoped?  That is what happened with my McCall's 6286 top.
I purchased the vintage 1992 pattern from the thrift shop for 25 cents.  Then I bought two inexpensive fleece throws for $2.88 each and a zipper for $1 at Walmart.  I was going to give it as a gift.  But it turned out a little small for the intended receiver, even with all the measurements I took.  The pattern had easy to follow directions and the pattern was to size,  my measurements were off.
It is very comfortable, and fits me perfectly.  Looks like I have a new top to wear around the house and walk the dog in.  I would hesitate to wear it to town, since I think the pink might be a little bright for a me in the area I live.
I still enjoyed this project.  It gave me experience with a zipper, a new pattern, and more experience sewing.  Not to mention something soft and cuddly to wear around the house.
Cut out and ready to sew

Looks Pink!
I sewed this with my Brother XL2600I.  I used the stretch-stitch setting.  This works great with stretchable fabric.  A person does not have to stretch the fabric when sewing, the machine does this funky half-reverse stitch that makes the stitch stretch with the material.

I have not 100% decided on my next project.  But I think boxer shorts for Joe are a definite possibility.  I just have to find a pattern.  I might even sew them with my vintage Kenmore.  I put a new belt on and oiled it.  It sure runs smooth.  I would like to use the stitch cams to make some vintage embellishments.

I do know one thing, a short story on the cams is my next blog.

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