Friday, May 18, 2012

Boxer Shorts by Vintage Kenmore

I wanted to make a pair of boxers since I first started to sew, but I could not find a pattern I liked, and the idea of printing out one off the internet and taping all the pages together didn't appeal to me.  But finally, I came across some instructions on the internet on how to draw your own pattern with your own measurements.  I scratched my head a few times, but finally drew a pattern.  Here is where I found the directions :

After drawing and cutting my own pattern, I decided to use my Kenmore in order to try it and its decorative stitches out.  I used a soft blue cotton material and white thread.
Kenmore ready to go

Instructions and cut-out material
Max approves
Another view
Close-up of decorative stitch
Front view
Since this set of shorts turned out great, I am now going to make a pair for Joe with the same fabric, since I have enough left over.

Now time to take some measurements and start drawing another pattern.

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