Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Blue Bomber Jacket

Sometimes I get in a rut and make the same pattern more than once.  This is the case with McCall 7637.  I made a sand-colored jacket last time.  This time it is a blue jacket.

The reason I made a second jacket is mostly because I bought some blue faux-suede and the lining at Wal-Mart for a total of $6.

I purchased the zippers and ribbing from for $15.

For $21 I have another faux-suede bomber jacket.

I used my Bernina 1120 to sew it.

Here is how I inserted the zippered pocket:

First I ironed interfacing a 1/2" bigger than the opening on the marked pocket opening on the inside of the fabric .

Then I sewed the pocket facing to the front side of the fabric and slit it up the middle with two little tabs, similar to a welt pocket.

Then I pushed the facing through the opening and pressed.

Next I put double-sided tape on the zipper and centered it in the opening face down from the back.

Then with a zipper foot I sewed the zipper in by sewing as close to the opening as I could.

Finally, I sewed the bag to the facing, keeping it free from the garment.

Voila! A zippered pocket.

Dixie and Armani

The pattern calls for a 24" zipper for the front that must be shortened to fit.  I simply used a 22" zipper.

 The pattern also says to slip-stitch the liner to the jacket.  I used my machine as much as possible and only needed to hand stitch 4" of the opening .

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Nice pic of you and the dogs! How many bernina sewing machines do you own. I think i am going to max out at 4 of them.

    1. I have 10 Berninas. Mostly mechanical ones.

    2. Wow, i really like mine, 350pe, artista 180, 740. The 740 is a big sewing machine. Say hi to your westie, i love westies

    3. This is my second Westie. Both great dogs.