Friday, April 6, 2018

UFOs all around me

I learned a new quilting term this week.  It is unfinished objects(UFOs).  Apparently this is a common thing in quilting.  A person runs out of ambition or gets to the quilting stage and starts another quilt.  Leaving a UFO to wait in a drawer or on a shelf to be finished.

I have three UFOs now.   Two are from, and one is from my quilt sampler class at MIY Studio.

The first is a lap quilt that is called Strawberry Fizz.

I need to at the batting, backing, quilting, and binding to finish it.

The second is called Blazing Star.   It is  a queen size quilt that took me several months to get to the stage it is now.  It needs batting, backing, and quilting also.

The strawberry quilt I think I can stitch in the ditch for the quilting, but the Blazing Star has so many angles, it will need free-motion quilting.  Plus it is so big, it will be quite a time consuming project.

The third is my sampler quilt class quilt.  It still needs the squares to be sewn together to form the quilt.  But this will be done in the next(and last) class.  Then the quilting needs to be done.  This is a small 36" square quilt, so it will probably be the first one to be finished.

I do have one quilt I completely finished.  It keeps us warm and the dogs like it.

 I am quilted-out now, so I think my UFOs will be around while I sew a pair of KwikSew shorts.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. I love your quilts! The shorts with the dogs are so cute! What great fun!