Thursday, November 2, 2017


I need to stay off eBay and shopgoodwill.  I purchased not one, not two, but three vintage Berninas last week, with two arriving the same day.  Since I bought one a few weeks ago, this makes four in a month.  I guess it is true that "everything comes in bunches".

I bought the 1011 a few weeks ago.  It is a wonderful machine that purrs.  I made my KwikSew jeans with it.  I bought one of these a few years ago, but it was packed horribly and arrived smashed.  With eBay's help, I received a full refund.

The 1011 has a beautiful stitch and is quiet.

The second is a 1001 I bought on shopgoodwill.   I took a chance because it was advertised as "not tested".  But since it is a Bernina, I knew it would operate fine.  It didn't come with a bobbin case, but I obtained one through Amazon.


The 1001 has a rotary hook.  It is really quiet and makes a beautiful stitch.

The third, but the one I was most anxious about is a Bernia 1120, a computerized machine.  It was advertised on eBay as parts or repair, but the seller did say it powered on and the needle went up and down.  I decided to take a chance for the price. Especially since the extension table and the case were included.


What a honey!  The 1120 is so smooth and quiet with a beautiful stitch.

The fourth is one I have wanted for along time.  It is a 910.  Just like the famous 930, but with a blue face plate and fewer decorative stitches.  It was also on eBay as parts or repair.

Smooth doesn't even start to describe this machine. It also has needle up/down by tapping the foot pedal.

I also have several other vintage Berninas.

Ugh!   I think my SMAD(Sewing Machine Acquisition Disorder) has just turned to BAD(Bernina Acquisition Disorder).

Hopefully my BAD will be in remission for a while now.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Wow. Great haul. I have yet to use a Bernina. The price of the feet is prohibitive for me. I will get one though. People that have them rave about em. Happy stitching. Ebay can be a drug.

  2. I’m afflicted with insomniac fabric shopping on eBay. Every few days a package arrives and I think wth is this? I’ve only bought one sewing machine there, however. Thankfully. Good luck.

  3. Oh dear, you are done for now ! Once you have a good Bernina everything else just doesn't measure up.
    I have had a 'Bernina Record ' for 30 years it is a 1968 model that I bought second hand and I wouldn't swap it for anything. ...seriously.Rolls Royce of sewing machines.
    Just be aware that some of the models may not have been made in the original factory.
    My service mechanic is second generation and now reccommends the modern Singer oil (changed content) over the Bernina oil which he has used forever.
    Have fun finding one of those old beauties.

  4. That doesn't sound quite right....meant to say 'not in original country ' and my service guy is 2nd generation Bernina specialist.

  5. I would like to find an older Bernina like your 1011. The closest thing is a new 1008. I have gotten use to computerized sewing machines and the features, but have always felt better using a good old mechanical sewing machine since that is what i first learnt on in the late 70's. I have a Bernina Artistia 180 with the embroidery module, the sewing part is terrific and would not hesitate to acquire another Bernina. I wish I was as luck as you to find these great machines. Happy sewing.

  6. Great collection of machines! I just acquired a 1005 that just needs a little tweaking and I'm very glad I did and I was inspired by your acquisition of the same model a few years ago. Enjoy every one of them.