Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Old Friends

I have written many times about my "go-to" shirt pattern being Simplicity 7330.  This pattern has a choice of a notched collar or a collar with stand.  It is like an old friend that I am comfortable with and like having around.

I have written in length about my sewing machines also.   I like all machines, but I have found among the smoothest I have are the ones called Bernina.  I have tried the new Berninas at the store, but my newest is a 1011 which is 30 years old.

So for my latest projects, I had some comfortable old friends help me.  My Simplicity 7330 and my Bernina 1011.

I made the medium size with a blue cotton from JoAnn's.  I like a firm collar, so I interfaced both collar pieces.

Then I decided to have another old friend, my Singer 6268, help me to make a shirt with a sheet.  One thing I did different this time is use the straight stitch needle plate with the straight stitch foot.   This made a real difference in keeping the topstitching straight.

Simplicity 7330 was used, but I inserted darts in the back like Islander #228.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. These look great! Nothing like having that "go to" pattern.

  2. Those are great shirts. Your workmanship is great. Really like the plaid one

  3. Great work, Wil. Your hems look perfect. I see the 1011 for sale all the time. I've always been curious about it and you've prompted me to consider it more seriously (like I need another machine).

  4. Those shirts look good on you. The older machines are often much better (or at least equally as good) as the new ones. I still have the one I learned to sew on in the 80s. Works fine.

  5. Extremely slick, locating the back darts right on the vertical lines on the plaid design. Plaid matching across center front is perfect. You should be proud of this shirt!