Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Since my nephew Chase is three and can't quite read, I feel safe blogging about his Christmas present.

Being three years old, he loves dinosaurs.  Since he loves the pillow I made for him last year, I thought another pillow would be a great gift this year.  With a dinosaur theme of course.

It is hard to believe he is only three, he is so grown up.  Here he his telling Santa he wants "dinosaur trucks" for Christmas.

I used some green material I bought at the thrift store, some batting, and a standard pillow.  First I cut nine squares 9" by 7".  I embroidered dinosaurs on eight and did applique on one.

I sewed them together with a 1/4" seam.  Then I sewed the batting to the back of the designs by stitching in the ditch through all the squares.  I also sewed a piece of fabric over the batting to seal it in.

Making these pillows which are like miniature quilts is good practice for when I decide to make a full-size quilt.

The pillow can easily be removed for washing since I sewed two pieces to make the back and serged the seams so the inside would look good.

I used my White sewing machine and my Janome embroidery machine for this project.

It will be fun to see Chase's face when he sees all the dinosaurs.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Shhh. Don't tell, it's christmas... looks great !!!

  2. Very nice. I know he will love it. Embroidery machines are just so much fun to combine with sewing projects.