Sunday, April 28, 2013

Singer 327

I don't let every orphan follow me home from the thrift shop, but this Singer 327 caught my eye.  I bought it and took it home even though I knew nothing about it.

I checked out some reviews I found, they blow hot and cold.  This was an inexpensive zig-zag machine with an internal motor and belt made in Great Britain from 1963 to 1965.  I decoded the serial number to find mine was built in 1965.

Talk about saving money.  No special feet.  No attachments. Also, the bobbin winder is manual.  A person pushes the bobbin against the hand wheel and must stop it when full.  There is not a spring mechanism to disengage the bobbin when full.  According to some reviews, in order to lower the price, the earlier ones didn't even have a light switch.  The light came on when it was plugged in.  Mine has the light switch.

I don't think mine was used much at all, the needle looked like it could be original.  It has a drop in class 66 bobbin.  Since the original came with plastic bobbins that is what I am using.

One of the most quoted reviews in The Vintage Singers Yahoo Group is "This machine is loud and clunky".  I think it is quiet and sews wonderfully.  So I don't share that reviewers thoughts.   For $9.50, I don't think someone wanting a basic sewing machine could go wrong.

I think I have S.M.A.D.(Sewing Machine Addiction Disorder)  I borrowed this from Life with Lou. This is an interesting Blog about finding and fixing sewing machines.  I say I have S.M.A.D. because I love to sew and love to sew on different machines. In fact, I bought another machine I will blog about shortly.  All I will say is it is a model of machine I learned about from reading The Bobbin Doctor.

I am not totally gone though.  I like straight-stitch and simple zig-zag machines.  Complicated machines aren't my favorite.  When I was in sewing class many years ago the teacher said all you need is straight, zig-zag, and reverse.  I think this holds true, because when I was looking for my first sewing machine about two years ago, I was told the same thing  at a sewing machine store.

Singer 327 in Case

Singer 327 ready to sew

Too see a video of this machine on youtube, click here

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  1. Have never seen that model before. I love the color. Though I am on vintage and modern machine overload, I would need an intervention to pass that one by.It is really fun to sew on different machines. Lots of sewing people have S.M.A.D. I am starting to believe. Until they start wagging them home they may not even know how easily it takes over.

  2. Sounds great -- so smooth. I love the color too!

  3. Your 327 is in great shape!
    I have a 328k. It's the same style machine, but the 328k is a warm gray color & takes pattern cams for decorative stitches. I really like it. There's a metal top gear that will need grease. You'll see it when you take the top off. I think you'll enjoy sewing with this machine.

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  6. I have that machine bought new when I was "just a girl". I don't.find it any noisier than most other vintage machines. It does a nice job and has never had an issue (no relation to Peter)

  7. I think it is great you have this machine and you bought it new.

  8. I have this machine and love it. It will sew through 8 layers of canvas without a complaint.

    1. It's an old thread 😁 but you are right it does sew canvas well,I made groundsheets and camping tarpaulins with mine, all metal cogs so will last many years.

  9. I bought the 327k for £10 from a local car boot sale. I adore it, the sound is glorious. It came with loads of original pieces in the little singer box. I'm still new to sewing/dressmaking but this machine acts like my Big Sister, helping me all she can. I can't wait to read more of your blog xxx

  10. I just bought one at a garagesail for 20€, love to use it repairing my sails as it is a 75W motor