Monday, September 2, 2019

Retro Camp Shirt

In my last blog I made a camp shirt with quilters cotton.  This shirt inspired me to make another.

I again used McCall 6238 in medium.  But this time I used a quilters cotton that looks to me like a 50s print.  Thus, the retro camp shirt.

I removed 1 3/4" of ease in the sleeve by simply folding the arm pattern.   This made for easier sewing.

I sewed this using my treadle sewing machine.   Flat fell seams turned out fine.  The treadle is quiet and fun to get in the rhythm of hand, eye, and foot coordination

The pictures are taken with me wearing McCall 7987 slacks.  This is a first-attempt with this pattern, so more on these next time.

Fronts and pocket lined up

Inside of shirt looks good

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Hello.. I have a question.. i have been searching the Free-Westinghouse machines as i just acquired one myself and i cam across your blog about one that you picked up in a thrift store some years ago.. the one that i purchase is in beautiful condition, however it sat for 20 years and the friction wheel is in terrible condition.. would you happen to know anyone who would carry a item to fit this ?

    1. I don't know who has a wheel for it. Sometimes a little sand paper will clean it up.