Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Snuggle-Flannel Shirts and New Pattern Fails

Snuggle-flannel is a cotton fabric that has the design printed on it rather than woven.  This makes it low in cost.  I bought it at Joann's for $2.35 a yard.

I made a shirt with Simplicity 8427 for me.  I made size 38 and added two inches to the sleeve length.  I watched the sew along Video to refresh my memory on shirt construction.
 I used my Bernina 910.

I made one for Joe using a new pattern, Simplicity 8753. This pattern has classic, slim and modern styles .  I chose classic and I cut a size 40 in everything but the waist, that I increased to 42.

I used my White 6775.

Everything went great until Joe tried it on.  It was way too small.  It fits me!

See the difference between the shirt I made and a shirt Joe likes.

Dixie was also in disbelief.

So, two shirts for me.  A big F for the sizing on Simplicity 8753.

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  1. Hi I see you have a Singer 6268. I have a problem with the button hole attachment not working and then of course I can't load a bobbin. Any ideas ?/ Thanks

    1. I have a video on winding the bobbin for a 6268.

      Try a different bobbin. I am not sure why your buttonhole foot isn't working.

  2. Really not big on doing a muslin fitting but I do on occassion before cutting fabric. When using new patterns, you need to review all the details specifically all the finished garment measuresments. You should also keep you boyfriend's and your measurement on a card next to your sewing area so that you can compare the tissue pattern to the those. Finished shirt measurements vary all over the place with the amount of wearing ease. What I do is take a ready to wear shirt and record all the measurements, that way when I am using a pattern I can ensure the shirt will fit the way I want it to. Just some suggestions. Merry Christmas

  3. I'm with Corey, make a muslin, even though it will take a little more time. Also, pretty good job matching plaids, maybe you can give us your methods for matching.