Sunday, March 12, 2017

Islander Shirts

I added two inches to the sleeves of a medium Islander 228 pattern.

The medium shirt fits my body the way I like, but the shoulders are too big.  I have seen reviews that complain about the sizes being big on this pattern, but I am not convinced.  If I made a small, it would be too small.

I sewed this shirt after watching the Craftsy video Sew Better, Sew faster: Shirtmaking.  It included the pattern I printed out and put together like a puzzle.

I followed the pattern and the class, except for using the left-front flipped over for the right-front.  The Islander pattern has the left-front fabric folded twice to make the buttonhole placket, but the right only once, thus the two different front patterns pieces.

I made this shirt in a beige linen and 1/2" buttons I had in my stash.  The linen sewed beautifully with my Kenmore 117-959.  This straight-stitch machine runs quiet and does a beautiful stitch.  Plus it is in a desk, which I realized from watching the video makes it easier to sew due to the flat area for the fabric to rest.

I decided to try this pattern again with small armholes on a medium body.

The results were almost satisfactory.  I made this in a blue Oxford cloth.

I sewed this shirt with my Singer 401 in a desk.  When I first bought this about two years ago it didn't blow my hair back.  But after using it this time, I like it!

Striped shirts coming next.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Both shirts are looking really good! The fit in back on the linen shirt is seriously good. If you took in the shoulders a bit on that pattern, you'd have a perfect fit.

    I really like the Janet Pray class on Craftsy. As much as I like David Coffin's stuff, Pray's shirtmaking class is probably the one I'd recommend if you only wanted one of the three they currently offer.

    1. This shirt has darts in the back. I think that is why the good fit.

  2. Wow, these are nice shirts. The blue looks especially good on you and I agree with Michael: great job on the fitting. Put on a tie and jacket and you're ready for a night out!