Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kenmore Bargain.

I have some older computerized Kenmores and some really old Kenmores.  But until now, I haven't had a 1970s Kenmore.  These are so coveted by sewists they are rarely found for sale at a good price.

I found my all steel 148.15600 in its case on the floor at my local thrift store.  It had a price of $13.50.  Then I realized it was $3.50 after a discount.  This was definetely a bargain buy.

 I like it has a built-in buttonhole setting and decorative patterns.  One interesting thing on this machine is the front mounted on/off switch.  It controls the power and the light.

I thought this era of Kenmore had high shank and/or left needle position, but this one is low shank and center.
$3.50 Kenmore

This is definitely a keeper.

I have to stop going to the thrift store!  .....Maybe not!

Thanks for stopping.


  1. I would have grabbed it, thrown the cash at them, and run for the door! What a steal, Wil. That's a great machine and it's a convertible, so it's versatile and powerful. I suspect it's going to become one of your favorite machines. :)

  2. This is the very same machine that my dad bought me when I graduated high school in 1980. It is a wonderful machine. I made a lot of great sews on mine. Curtains, dresses, pants, swimsuits, maternity wardrobe, baby clothes.
    Easy to use and one tough machine.

  3. I have 3 kenmore 158 series machines and I love them. You scored

  4. $3.50 for an all metal Kenmore?! Wow...hahaha that's incredible. I have a similar 158 Kenmore I purchased at a garage sale when I first started sewing. My 158 is also an all metal free arm & it has a great selection of utility stitches. You're going to love that Kenmore. They're great sewing machines.