Friday, January 8, 2016

Burda 128 Jacket Thoughts

I finished the Burda 128 Jacket.  I like the pattern and the fit.  The video instructions helped me out quite a bit.

This pattern was printed out on my printer and assembled. There weren't any adjustment lines, so I used my "Singer, The Perfect Fit" book to show me where to adjust the pattern for the two inches in sleeve and body length I needed.

This  jacket is unlined except for the sleeves.  I used a lightweight suiting fabric I bought at JoAnn with a 60% off coupon, so the cost of the fabric was $15.  I used my Viking 960 to sew the jacket and my Singer 7470 to sew the keyhole buttonholes.

There are some wrinkles on the arms and around the shoulders I don't like.  Otherwise it is wearable.

I am going to make this jacket again.  I  will make a muslin using the instructions from a video on making a jacket muslin to make some adjustments.  The video is for a women's jacket, but I can use the techniques.  I purchased this video on sale for $15.

My thoughts on this jacket are positive.  After a little more video watching I believe I can make a nice jacket.  I like learning new skills and working with different fabrics.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. I wish I were a fitting guru, but I'm not! Still, I'm wondering if you need a sloped shoulder adjustment based on those wrinkles. Does this pattern call for shoulder pads? They might help smooth that area out. Enjoy wearing your new jacket!

  2. Mainelydad - Before I saw your comment, I was thinking of sloped shoulder adjustment as well. I didn't think about shoulder pads, but you might be onto something there!

    Also, I think raising the sleeve cap height should help fix the wrinkles on the sleeve.

    But considering you made this pattern out of envelope, with just length adjustments, it's working pretty well. If you muslin it, the next jacket should come out really nice.

    The PatternReview videos seem to be good on information, even if their production quality is a little below average.

  3. As always you are a fearless sewing newbie to tackle a tailored jacket. There are places where you need some fitting, but I know you will deal with that on your next attempt. Before you start the next cut, take a closer look at the front lower corner. It seems that corner is too "cut away," and needs to be mor of a rounded corner. Try comparing that area to some ready mades you might have in your closet. Otherwise, good luck on the next one.

    1. Thank you. Maybe I will get it better with a Muslin.