Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer is coming!

How better to get ready for Summer than making a pair of shorts?

I had some heavy denim in my stash I bought at the thrift store.  I was thinking a pair of jeans, but after measuring the fabric I decided I had only enough to make shorts.

I washed and dried the material twice.  Hopefully that will be enough shrinkage.  I read online some people wash denim up to five times before cutting out the pattern.

I am using Simplicity 1948 in size 36, which is waist 30".  This is a pants pattern, but I have made it before as shorts.   I used lightweight denim.  Hard to believe it has been two years since making these.

Joe's shorts made 2013

My Mod shorts made 2013

So this will be different because I am using heavy denim and top stitching with denim thread.  I bought size 14 needles, which seem to work fine for the sewing, but when I tried top stitching, the machine skipped some stitches.  So I put in a size 16 needle and tried again.  This time the stitching looked good.

This is also a good test for my Singer 7470.  It has been plowing through the denim with no problem. I used three different feet to top stitch the pockets with three stitches to get the stitching straight. The standard foot and two different  blind-stitch feet and a seam guide.

Singer 7470

I do think the pockets came out nice.  I used a french-seam for the pocket bottom for a more finished look.  Plus I couldn't help from using a decorative stitch too.

Pocket Close Up

Pocket Interior
Pocket Inside
The zipper is up next.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Was your Singer 7470 purchased new or used?

  2. I got a great deal on eBay. Brand new in box. I really wanted to try a new computerized machine to see how it would handle. I like it a lot. Especially for the price.

  3. Looks good. Have you ever used a denim sewing machine needle?

  4. I didn't know there was a denim needle. I'll try one next time. Thanks.

  5. Those stitches look nice. I had a Singer Esteem that I got as a gift -- what a dog of a machine. Horrible. (That machine sparked my interest in vintage machines, so it wasn't all bad.) Good to see that some of the modern Singers can actually sew and rather well. Then again, I'll bet most of what I see has to do with the skill of the guy doing the sewing! Nice job.

  6. Love the shorts so far Love the top stitching on the pockets. Can't wait to see finished product

  7. I am impressed with the sewing machine. Singer gets such a bad rap/reviews on the sewing machine forums. I can understand if you get a lemon out of the box, but you can't beat the value for money with a new Singer and all the features considering you would have to pay 10 times the price for a bernina that does the same thing.