Friday, September 26, 2014

Shorts for Joe and Wil

As mentioned in my last blog, I purchased an enormous amount of cabernet-red colored material at the thrift-store,  It is soft, comfortable, and the right thickness for shorts and shirts.

I decided to make some "lounge-shorts".  Perfect for wearing around the house.  Comfortable and over-sized.  I used McCall's 6231 pajama pants pattern, but made the legs shorts-length.

I made a pair for Joe first. There is no fly.  I sewed a fake fly seam, so it would be easier to tell front from back.  They turned out so well, I made a pair for me.  Of course  his are medium and mine are small.
Joe's shorts

My shorts
Flat-fell seams

I used my Bernina 817 for Joe's pair.  This is a 3/4 size flatbed Bernina.  I can't believe how smooth and powerful this machine is.  I posted a short video of it on Youtube   I have had this machine since March, but this is the first project with it because it had no case.  Since the motor is mounted on the bottom, I could not simply place it on the table to use.  I lucked out last weekend finding a case for $2 at a yard sale. I don't go to yard sales too often, but this one was on the street where we walk  Max. Max received lots of pets and kisses from the yard sale attendees.

I used a different Bernina for my shorts.  It ran smooth and quiet.  A couple of fix-ups and it would have been  a great machine.  More on this story in a later blog.

I used my Pfaff 1469 to write our names on the shorts so we wouldn't get confused.

My next project is some short-sleeved pajama tops for us with the same McCall's pattern.

I am sure a photo-shoot will be necessary.

Thanks for stopping.

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  1. Nice shorts, I like the initials idea too. Look forward to the pajama tops, always useful!