Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thin Man Embroidery?

After making the appliqué shirts for my nephew and his friend, I became interested in appliqué and embroidery.
Flower Shirt
  I started looking at embroidery machines.  An inexpensive one isn't to be found.  So I started keeping my eye out on eBay.  I soon discovered the ones more than a few years old needed special software and maybe even a special computer(windows XP or older) to work.  Even some of the new ones need special software.
I lucked out last month when I spotted a brand new Janome MC200E for only $159 with free shipping. This machine sells for $500 and is still being sold.  The machine was brand-new, it was only missing the power cord.  I quickly did my research and thought I would take a chance since the seller had a high feedback and allowed returns.  I hit buy it now, then bought a power cord from another vendor for $5 with free shipping.  They both showed up two days later.  I indeed received a brand-new embroidery machine with all the accessories(except power cord) in the original box.  I plugged it in and all my anxieties quickly faded as it started to embroider.  Plus this machine works with any .JEF file I download onto a USB flashdrive, no software needed.

I tend not to question when something extraordinary like this works out.  I just figure it was meant to be.

Now all I need is more room!

My first real project is a pillow for my Nephew (It is a Christmas present, so don't tell Chase).  He of course loves trains and cars at the age of two.  He also has two Westies.  I think this embroidered quilt like pillow case which  was inspired by a Janome quilt pillow project will be cute.   It is from Janome Sew for Home.  This site has great projects for both sewing and embroidery.

Here is the project I am following, except for a regular sized pillow and of course, embroidery.
EZ Nine Patch Pillow.

Here are some of my finished squares.  I haven't decided how many more I will make.  I think all squares embroidered would be too busy.

MC200E Embroidered Squares
 Thanks for stopping.


  1. Fantastic value for money Wil, hope you have fun with it with your Christmas presents :)

  2. I have a three year old nephew and he is into the thomas the train stuff too. You can't go wrong with those designs - trains, cars, and maybe even some construction equipment.