Monday, February 20, 2012


I am glad you stopped by.

I call this place Thin Man Sewing, because I am 6 foot two inches tall, and 145 pounds.

I started sewing  in December 2011 when I received a Brother XL2600I sewing machine.  I am self taught, except for the class I had when I was ten years old.  Only a 34 year hiatus.

I am having a lot of fun reading, learning, and sewing.  There are many web sites and blogs dedicated to sewing, but I thought one more wouldn't hurt.  Some of my other hobbies might be thrown in from time to time.

My first projects were some mending and sewing a cover for my sewing machine.  Then I started in on shirts.

My first t-shirt is from a pattern and material I found in a local thrift store.  It is a Sew-Knit-N- Stretch #309, from 1970.  I thought a t-shirt would be a great first clothing project since there are no collars, buttons, or zippers.  It turned out good.  It is made of stretch-knit fabric.  The stretch-stitch setting on my Brother worked great for this. I then made two more of this pattern before moving on to a shirt with a collar.

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